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Welcome to ESN Diemen

ESN Diemen is an international student organization and is part of Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

Our goal is to make your time abroad here as pleasant as possible, we do this by; helping you during your arrival period, organizing social, cultural and sporting events. Take a look at our Facebook page to see our upcoming events!

We also provide trips as visiting Prague (together with 1500+ other students) or enjoying a beer or two at Oktoberfest in Germany. Next to that, we offer an ESN Diemen membership by getting the ESNcard. Be sure to check out all those sweet ESNdiscounts!

We hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

For more information you can reach us at info@esndiemen.nl or send us a message throughout Facebook Chat


Need help?

Check out the our information about Public Transit, Activities, Nightlife and Payments.

Need even more help? Don't hesitate to contact us!